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ROTOCRAFT TECHNOLOGIES (M) SDN BHD (ROTOCRAFT) was established by the end of 1996, and had started its operation in manufacturing plastic waste disposal bin by using rotational moulding ( or more popularly known as “rotomoulding”) in the year of 1996.

Nowadays, ROTOCRAFT is using more sophisticated and high technology machines to manufacture product lines as below:-

-Storage tanks such as water tubs, water tanks of circular and non-circular series, static tank and chemical tanks.

-Multi-purpose containers such as drums, boxes, trays for both chemical and non-chemical usage.

-Waste disposal bins for interior use, outdoor use and collection centers.

-Road safety equipment such as road barriers and traffic cones.

-Various sizes of garbage plastic bag and polybag for agricultural.

-Variety of planter pots.

ROTOCRAFT uses the rotomoulding process to manufacture its high quality plastic products. Rotomoulding process is a sophisticated technology that utilizes High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material which is highly resistant to stress cracks. The whole process is completed when the HDPE material is through a fully UV stabilized treatment that protects the finished product from the harsh rays of the sun. That is why products of are ROTOCRAFT ideal for all kinds of handlings, purposes and weather conditions.

ROTOCRAFT also has invested in its design & research section and strengthening its marketing. This is done with intention to ensure the continuity of its excellent performance and maintaining the standards of products produce in bigger volume.

ROTOCRAFT towards the millennium, the company’s management team aims to be more successful and be part of the country’s vehicle toward achieving its dreams.



It is the company’s working culture and commitment to maintain the ROTOCRAFT Quality. With years of research and development, the company has the experience and expertise to produce high quality products that meet the high expectations of its clients today.

ROTOCRAFT recognizes the importance of achieving the Quality, which is to constantly produce the highest quality of plastic products. To achieve that, the company believes in continuously upgrading its machineries and improving the skills of the staff through specialized training courses.

At ROTOCRAFT you will find an enthusiastic and creative working atmosphere where employee individuality is encouraged through down-to-earth leadership. Our team is united by one purpose; to be our customers’ most preferred choice for high quality rotomoulded plastic products.



As a manufacturer, ROTOCRAFT always seeks opportunities available in the market to fulfill our customers’ needs and requirements. In addition of our daily activities, ROTOCRAFT also exploring new possible ventures in order to be one of respected company in Malaysia.

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